You Are Better Off Hiring A Disability Representative. 

Here Is Why.


Based on Social Security’s own data, you are better off hiring a disability representative, or a disability lawyer or attorney.  In fact, the Social Security Administration has reported that you are three times more likely to receive disability benefits if you hire a qualified disability representative to help you with your claim than if you try to represent yourself.

We believe very strongly that you should have a competent and experienced Social Security Disability Representative to help you, and we hope you will choose us, but here are your options:



1.)  Let Us Represent You.

All Island Disability is an accredited non-attorney Social Security Disability Representation firm.

We focus exclusively on Social Security Disability Claims.

We are a local, Hawaii firm and understand the unique challenges of the disability system here in Hawaii. 

We take the time to get to know you so that we can represent you effectively.

We work very hard to get you the disability benefits you deserve.

You are better off hiring a disability representative.  Even if it is not us, we urge you to find a good representative to help you win your case.

Here is what you should know about accredited non-attorney Social Security Disability Representatives like All Island Disability:


  • Accredited non-attorney disability representatives must pass a rigorous examination administered by the Social Security Administration that covers all aspects of Social Security Disability Law
  • Accredited non-attorney disability representatives are authorized by Social Security to represent you, and receive direct payment from Social Security.
  • Accredited non-attorney disability representatives must receive ongoing education and training to remain current with Social Security Disability Law.
  • Accredited non-attorney disability representatives must carry professional liability insurance, and must adhere to strict ethical and professional standards.
  • Social Security approves all of our fees, and we are paid directly by Social Security. 
  • We only get paid if your disability claim is approved. 
  • Please see our FAQ page for more information about the fees we charge and how we get paid.



2.)  You Can Go It Alone.

Social Security will allow you to represent yourself if you want to, but attempting to represent yourself is time-consuming, stressful and much less likely to be successful.  

We do not recommend this option.


For most people, representing yourself is usually not a good idea. 

You are better off hiring a representative.

Based on Social Security’s own data, 75 to 80 percent of all disabled people have their initial Social Security Disability applications DENIED.   If your hire a good disability representative you are three times more likely to eventually win your case than if you go it alone — again based on Social Security’s own data.

Even though most initial disability applications are denied, here in Hawaii if you file an appeal and can prove that you are disabled you have a good chance of ultimately getting your claim approved, but only if  you have a good representative that can help you through the appeals process and organize and present your case to the Administrative Law Judge at your appeal hearing.

If your initial application is denied, your only chance to get your disability benefits is to immediately begin the appeals process (you have 60 days to appeal any denials at each step of the process). 

The appeals process can be very confusing, takes a long time, and is filled with opportunities to make mistakes that can cause your disability claim to be denied.

There is simply so much at stake. You are better off hiring a disability representative. 


(3) You can try to find an attorney to help you.

Most attorneys do not  specialize in Social Security Disability cases. 

They handle divorces, personal injury lawsuits and malpractice cases, wills and trusts, and other types of cases. 

And time consuming disability cases do not pay as well as other cases.

If you cannot find a good local attorney, you will need to take your chances with an attorney from the mainland. 

A mainland attorney usually flies in and meets you for the very first time in the waiting area just before your appeal hearing!  That does not give them much time to get to know you or prepare you for your appeal hearing.

And they may be completely unfamiliar with Hawaii’s unique culture and disability system.